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The weekly and monthly reports generated by us will make it seem like you have an in-house accounts team.

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Accounting is the systematic process of recording, analyzing and interpreting the financial transactions. By law, all businesses are required to submit their accounts to the Income Tax (IT) Department. Several start-ups tend to ignore this requirement early on and then scramble to put together their accounts when they are raising funding or being acquired. Maintaining the books in-house certainly is a tedious and possibly expensive affair, but getting it done would significantly reduce pains in complying with the requirements of the IT Department; it gives the promoters and shareholders a good sense of how the business is doing and proves eligibility for loans in later years, and even satisfies investors.

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  • Planning Budget:

    Budgeting helps organizations in effectively controlling the income and expenditure of the company while monitoring the managerial policies and goals of the business. It provides a disciplined approach to developing strategies; directing capital and other resources into profitable channels.

  • Evaluating The Performance Of The Business:

    Accounting system acts as a yardstick in measuring the performance of the business with respect to key metrics like net profit, sales growth,

  • Managing Cash Flow:

    Regular tracking of the money that comes into the business helps in predicting the trends, paying to staff and suppliers, covering debts, etc.

  • Presenting Information To Investors And Stakeholders:

    While approaching potential investors, creditors, banks or borrowers, the financial statements and other reports serve as financial scorecards of the company. Investors will get a better sense of the financial health of the business which includes the net worth, debts, savings, amount spent on fixed expenses. In addition, they will get to know the solvency, creditworthiness, liquidy, stocks and bond issuers of the business.

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Frequenty Asked Questions

Can accounting be computerised? Or only manual transactions are approved by the Income Tax Department?

Yes, one can submit computerized accounts, too. Now, it is easier to maintain records and all details of financial transactions on designated software or through computerized records, to eliminate any errors and miscalculations.

Do I need to maintain books on my premises or can I appoint an agent to do the needful?

Although accounting can be done individually, it is highly recommended to avail the assistance of accounting professionals who can maintain the records and help you save a lot of time and effort spent on dealing with everyday bills and transactions There is an advantage in taking the opinion of an expert, such as an agent who can maintain the accounting records as demanded by the income tax, and thus, save you a lot of man-hours and hassles of dealing with daily bills and transactions.

How secure is my financial data with you?

GoodCa adopts the best practices when it comes to maintaining confidentiality in the data of our customers. We ensure your information is not leaked or disseminated to the third party. The accounting software we use is

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