MSME Registrations

As a small enterprise, you can have access to priority sector lending, tax exemptions & capital investment and power tariff subsidies.

About This Plan

MSME is a registration from the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. When a business registers as MSME it becomes eligible to avail government schemes and subsidies that are exclusive for small businesses. GoodCA offers expert service for MSME registration: Free consultation Data verification: A thorough check of all the files submitted Receipt of License: The certificate will be issued within 15 days of application MSME registration can be done by enterprises of sizes: Micro Small Medium Under the MSMED Act, these small businesses get varying incentives such as: ₹3 lakh crore collateral free automatic loans for MSMEs ₹50,000 crore equity infusion through MSME Fund of Funds ₹20 crore subordinate debt for MSMEs Priority sector lending Tax exemptions Capital investment Registering for MSME is an entire online process but seeking the help of professionals makes it more easy. Good CA assists you with the online application and gets the required approval from the department.

  • We do a thorough check of the files you send in
  • We will appoint an affiliate to process your application
  • The certificate will be issued within 15 days of the application

Services Covered

  • MSME/SSI Registrations

Who Should Buy

  • Any Manufacturing or Service Company that has turnover from 1 lacs to 100 crores comes under MSME and are eligible to apply for MSME registration.

How It's Done

  • Purchase of Plan
  • Upload documents
  • Filing of application
  • Get Application Code
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Documents Information

Documents To Be Submitted

  1. Electricity Bill
  2. Incorporation Certificate
  3. Partnership Deed/ MoA And AoA.
  4. Copies Of Sale Bill And Purchase Bill.
  5. Aadhar Card
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Frequenty Asked Questions

What are the advantages of MSME registrations?

Be it the proprietor of a leading enterprise or the owner of a packaging water business, having women, bank balance and loan allowance are some of the major things any business will need for both long term & short term financing. The good news is, The RBI or the Reserve Bank of India have allocated a particular amount of cash reserve that has to be given to MSME businesses. Therefore, generating the necessary documents authorises one to make use of this privilege on a preferential basis with fewer difficulties.

Can existing and new businesses both apply?

Yes, an existing and new business can apply for MSME/Udyog Aadhar registration. Provided the existing unit is functioning and meets the threshold limits for registration.

What is the validity of the certificate?

There is no expiry of the Udyog Aadhar Certificate. As long as the entity is ethical and financially healthy there will be no expiry of the certificate.

Can trading companies register under MSME?

No. MSME covers only manufacturing and service industries. Trading companies are not covered by the scheme. MSME is to support startups with subsidies and benefits, trading companies are just like middlemen, a link between manufacturer and customer. Hence not covered under the scheme.

Do I need multiple registrations for manufacturing plants in different cities?

No. The MSME/Udyog Aadhar certificate is for a single entity irrespective of multiple branches or plants. However, information about multiple branches or plants must be furnished.

Which Companies comes under MSME ?

Any enterprises involved in manufacturing or service of any kind which follow below rules comes under MSME. As per new guidelines from FM in May, 2020 here are the new rules - Enterprise with investment of less than 1Cr and turnover of less than 5Crs termed as Micro - Enterprise with investment of less than 10Cr and turnover of less than 50Crs termed as Small - Enterprise with investment of less than 20Cr and turnover of less than 100Crs termed as Medium -

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